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upholstery fabric
DescriptionGradeCategoryType ScaleRailroadedFinish
Bimini Aquarelle3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Black Sands3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Blue Hawaii3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Coral3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Dolphin3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Nautical Blue3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Palmetto3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Papaya3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Pebble3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Rattan3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Sand Dollar3WovenSolidSmallNo
Bimini Tostada3WovenSolidSmallNo

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